My story and my all important why


It all started when...

For over 10 years I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to run and grow The Gluttonous Gardener a unique online gift company, one that I loved as if it were my own.  Starting with just the Boss (Ned Trier) and myself, true of any small company I was responsible for most aspects of day to day running from taking the orders, packaging the gifts, customer services, designing the website and everything in-between.  Whilst challenging it was for me the perfect training ground and gave me a well rounded knowledge of how to grow and run a successful online retail company.  Through that time I also offered consulting to other companies such as JC Gardens who offer bespoke swings and climbing frames through to an international language school setting up a successful AdWords campaign so my breadth of knowledge spreads across many industries.  In my time at The Gluttonous Gardener we were one of the top 10 grossing partners selling on the online marketplace an achievement I am incredibly proud of.  Besides being a top Partner we also won awards for Best Product in 2015 with our Grapevine Gift set and in 2016 were awarded Best Customer Services from over 5000 other companies. 

Leaving after 10 very happy and successful years with a team that had risen to over 16 to start my own family, I have embraced this unique time of life when you can look for new challenges and try something new.  For me the question I continually asked myself was what was it that I loved so much about the work that I had done previously and how could that lead on to my next work adventure.  Throughout my time at The Gluttonous Gardener I had always helped other small companies offering advice and training based on the successes and failures we had experienced and the knowledge I had gained in the process, this was always something that brought immense pleasure to see their achievements and to motivate others.  I love nothing more than encouraging and showing someone that they can achieve success in areas which perhaps had scared them before such as Marketing, SEO, Operations or Customer Services, giving them the confidence to realise there is nothing to be scared of and they are more than capable.  Too often companies and individuals offering training feel the need to over complicate or create an air of mystery around topics in order to make the person needing the training feel inadequate, my approach is the total opposite.  When training my aim and goal is is to empower my clients through knowledge and example, importantly appreciating that success is entirely individual and not always monetary based, it can be as simple as improving work procedures in order to be more efficient and release time to spend on other areas of the business.  

I offer a variety of tailored training options from one to one, bespoke group workshops and workshops specific to online marketplaces.  I'd love to get to know you more, to help you achieve success how you see it and to feel more confident and in control.  Please take a look around my site to learn more. 

I look forward to working with you

Sally x