Does the sight of an empty product listing fill you with dread?  Struggle to know how to write for both the customer and SEO?  If the answer is yes then come and spend an inspiring day with myself and all-round copywriting guru Chris Bann. There, you’ll meet like-minded fellow partners and business owners with the ambition to get to grips with crafting copy and product titles. Copy that works harder for your website as well as those uber-competitive online marketplaces like and which will ultimately lead to higher sales.  

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From to Etsy, online Marketplaces are key to the success of todays online creative retailer, enabling greater visibility of products to a wider and loyal audience base.  For the company I grew and ran for over ten years, online marketplaces were pivitol to driving extra visibility and sales to our existing customer base.  Certainly not plain sailing, along with the fantastic achievements we realised we equally made a healthy number of errors along the way.  Together those successes and failures provided me with the perfect training ground for successful selling within these fantastic marketplaces.  Through all of my learning my aim is simple, provide relatable, affordable training to enable me to share my tips and methods on how to sell better, design better and achieve success for your company and products.  I have designed this workshop to provide you with the tools and information needed to improve your relationship with these retail channels to improve your chances of success but most of all leave you feeling inspired and motivated.   I would love to see you there, below you will find a list of upcoming workshops being run all over the country.

What a day!!! It has been an amazing, thought-provoking and ultimately inspiring day! I loved every minute. If you’re a #NOTHS partner do nothing until you’ve done this workshop. Great to meet fellow partners too
— SoS15, Saundra O'Shea