So often when I myself needed training I would look at what was being offered and end up feeling that half of what was being offered was irrelevant or didn't relate to my small business needs.  This is why it was so important to me when i began offering training that I had to offer bespoke tailored workshops for both individuals and groups to address this problem.  Group training is my favourite way to train people simply because as someone who used to run a small business I would relish the opportunity to escape the office and spend the day meeting new like minded individuals and so this is a very important aspect of my training days. If you can leave one of my workshops with even just one new kindred spirit to exchange ideas with, bounce ideas off or simply have a moan about an unreasonable customer then that's a great thing.

These training workshops  can be to tailored to your exacting requirements ensuring you receive the most targeted training possible to fill in those missing gaps in your business.  So often in a small businesses the very act of getting out the office and re engaging with your business through a different means is fantastic motivation to push you to the next stage in your business development let alone with a whole day of training with you at the very heart of what is being addressed.

I took The Gluttonous Gardener from an office of just two to over 16 members of staff organically,  with this experience I can offer relatable training on all aspects of running a company from product design, staff management all the way through to delivery implantation and product importation having been there and experienced the highs and lows myself.

Are you ready to put yourself at the very heart of the training you need?  If you are interested either for yourself or as a group of like minded indivdiuals then please fill out the form below and I look forward to speaking with you.

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